Top 10 weirdest and funniest tokens

Published: 23 мая 2024
2 min

Top 10 weirdest and funniest tokens Top 10 weirdest and funniest tokens

What do you think of a cryptocurrency in honor of beer? Would you buy a useless token? Let's break down the top 10 weirdest and funniest tokens.

1. Dogecoin (DOGE).

First place goes to a cryptocurrency that was invented as a sarcasm over the high cost of Bitcoin. Two friends minted 1 billion mock coins with the face of a cute dog and...the cryptocurrency skyrocketed in value!

2. PepeCoin (PEPE).

PEPE token was created based on the meme with a sad frog Pepe. The token really went viral after longtime meme token enthusiast Ilon Musk officially responded to a tweet about PEPE.

3. Beercoin (BEER).

Judging by the off site, BEERCOIN tastes great, brings people of different cultures together, is more profitable than bitcoin and you can have 2 BEERs for every gentleman.

4. PotCoin (POT)

A currency for the legal marijuana market. The idea is simple: a cryptocurrency for the Rastaman industry. But we are in favor of a healthy lifestyle!

5. TrumpCoin (TRUMP).

This cryptocurrency helps fund the political campaigns of an American politician, but it's not certain.

6. Sexcoin (SXC)

To comment on the name of this currency is only spoiling it. The cryptocurrency is meant to facilitate payments and financial transactions in the industry.

7. BananaCoin (BCO)

Invest in bananas! Seriously, this cryptocurrency is pegged to the value of bananas grown in Laos!

8. Useless Ethereum Token (UET)

The name speaks for itself. A project that honestly states that it offers no value or innovation.

9. Dentacoin (DCN).

A specialized cryptocurrency for dentists and their patients. Because dental health can be blockchain-centric too.

10. PizzaCoin (PIZZA)

Inspired by the first purchase of pizza with bitcoins, PizzaCoin is designed for pizza and cryptocurrency fans.

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