How to transfer any amount without commissions?

Published: 3 января 2024
1 min

How to transfer any amount without commissions? How to transfer any amount without commissions?

Friends, do you often transfer money? Probably almost every day. 


Small amounts can be sent without any problems via Internet banking, but for transfers over 100 thousand rubles, banks already require a commission. And the amounts are limited. 


But what if you need to send more than 100 thousand rubles every day and several times? 

It turns out that AWX internal transfers, unlike transfers via blockchain, have no network fees (commissions) and provide instant receipt of funds. 

Knowing your ID, any user of the service will be able to send you the required amount without commission and restrictions!

How does it work?

  1. Choose the desired asset (for example, USDT) and click on it.
  2. Choose "Pay" and then you will know your ID (user code), by which you will be able to receive assets to your account.

Write your questions about the Pay function in the comments , we will answer them for sure!

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