Interview with a customer service operator

Published: 9 мая 2024
5 min

Interview with a customer service operator Interview with a customer service operator

Today we have a new Q&A article format on our blog.

Hello Anna. You work in the AWX support team. Tell us about your job. Where is your workplace located and how do you interact with customers?

We work around the clock in our AWX office. We respond to customers via live chat on the website and through our Telegram account.

Is it possible to call your support team?

Customers can call us via Telegram. There are even times when a person is already at the reception desk and calls to order a pass. This greatly speeds up the resolution of any issue. At first I was afraid of calls, but it turned out to be much easier and quicker to solve a problem over the phone, because correspondence can drag on for 2 hours, and a conversation lasts a minute.

The most popular question your clients ask you?

Everyone is interested in buying/selling cryptocurrency, so the most frequent question is what is the USDT exchange rate for today. They often ask how to get to the office and how to deposit to the wallet.

There is a section with instructions on the website, do they not read them?

Clients often don't have time to look for answers, it's easier for them to write to our support team and they will definitely be prompted.

And what is the most demanded service besides buying and selling cryptocurrency?

Spot trading is also in demand, but in much smaller volumes. People often ask whether it is possible to withdraw rubles after selling cryptocurrency on the spot.

What is of interest to clients not from Moscow?

Lately, they have been asking about offices in the regions. Apparently, they learn about us from advertising or word of mouth. Recently, a lot of foreigners have started to write to us. The office in St. Petersburg is very popular, people often ask about it.

Do clients from other platforms come to you, perhaps after Binance left Russia, there are more of them?

Clients who bought cryptocurrency on major exchanges and then transferred it to AWX via blockchain come to our office. Employees in the office consult and explain to clients why it is more profitable to work with us. Often there is a good difference in exchange rates, clients like it and stay with us.

Do most people use the website or the app?

The app is more popular, many people write that it is more convenient for them to work through the app, as they are used to doing everything on their phones.

And who are our customers? What kind of people contact the support service more often?

Often those who trade abroad, such as those who buy goods in China, write to us. Sometimes the Chinese themselves write. There are a lot of programmers among our clients, apparently they do not work in Russia, but spend their money here. Or vice versa, the companies they work for are not in Russia.

We are even approached to buy an apartment in Dubai or pay for a car in Korea. This is very convenient: in Moscow, clients deposit rubles, buy USDT, and immediately in Dubai the developer receives dirhams, or in Seoul the car payment is made.

There are probably some favorites among the clients?

These are regular clients, they use AWX to work, they probably feel more comfortable and convenient to work with us. The most necessary tools are gathered on our platform.

There are a lot of regular users who buy USDT to exchange while traveling. It is very convenient that we have offices in all cities.

And what do customers ask to add to the service?

A lot of clients are waiting for us to have a ruble balance on the spot market, they often ask about it. Because on the spot market AWX has a very good commission, only 0.08%. It will be much more convenient to trade with rubles.

Do you often get blocked in transactions? For example, if a person comes in who is under the influence of fraudsters?

Now it is up to the employee in the office to decide whether or not to stop the output. Especially at the first application. If the client explains the purpose of the transaction, why he needs to buy, why he needs to withdraw, there will be no blocking.

Recently, fraudsters tried to deceive a woman of age. She called our support service. It was immediately clear to the operator that they were trying to scam her.

She didn't understand how to log in to her AWX account, but somehow she managed to register, pass verification, bind G2FA, apparently someone helped her. And already in the office she said that she didn't know anything at all. It became clear to us that the client is in danger.

In such a situation it is necessary to quickly explain to a person what is going on. After all, the victim of fraudsters is trying to conduct a transaction, but does not realize why she needs it. When asked, she replies that she needs cryptocurrency for investment.

Unfortunately, often deceived people then go to other companies, where the staff is indifferent to their future fate and people are left without money.

Are there situations when clients themselves help neutralize fraudsters?

Yes, recently clients started writing to us, did we open a new AWX office in Bishkek and hold a raffle in Instagram?

Our security service started checking and it turned out that fraudsters under the guise of AWX through Telegram and Instagram offered to buy/sell cryptocurrencies at non-market rates. If somewhere you are offered a suspiciously favorable rate, be wary, free cheese is only in a mousetrap.

Our security service identified the owner of the fake account, after which the scammers were removed from all social networks without having had time to deceive anyone.

Thank you very much for prompt information to our customers. When we start to write about our branches from where we are not, it is a clear signal for action.

Anna, thank you for your detailed and interesting story. We are finishing our interview. What would you like to wish our readers?

First of all, I would like to say to our customers that feedback on the quality of our service is very important to us. We can only find out if our clients like changes and updates on the service from them. Write to us about service issues, leave feedback on our work, so we can make AWX better, more comfortable and convenient for all customers without exception.

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