What is CASH-IN

Published: 7 ноября 2023
1 min

What is CASH-IN What is CASH-IN

Hi, let's talk a little bit about money, or rather about ways to get it.

The most attentive AWX users have already noticed that when you sell cryptocurrency , you can choose 2 ways to get money to your card:

  • CARD

In both cases, the money comes to your bank card. But in the first case, the funds go through a payment service. The advantage of this method is the speed of the transaction (a few minutes).

If you choose CASH-IN , the funds, after the sale of cryptocurrency, will be deposited on your card through a special ATM.

CASH-IN has a number of advantages:

  • card details are not transferred to the payment intermediary;
  • as a rule, a more favorable rate.

Let's summarize. Although CASH-IN takes more time (15-20 minutes), but the absence of intermediaries and a more "tasty" rate outweigh the duration of the transaction.

What do you think?

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